Trattoria Al Torcio
- Euganean Hills -

Typical Venetian cuisine restaurant with homemade pasta in Vo', in the province of Padua, on the Euganean Hills.


Trattoria Al Torcio
- Euganean Hills -

Restaurant with specialties selected from the best Venetian culinary tradition in Vo', in the province of Padua, on the Euganean Hills.


Trattoria Al Torcio
- Euganean Hills -

Where to eat fresh homemade pasta, grilled meat and Vicenza-style cod in Vo', in the province of Padua, on the Euganean Hills.

Customers are advised that the restaurant is closed for holidays and will reopen on 13 July 2024.

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Trattoria Al Torcio

The Trattoria Al Torcio is the custodian of a family tradition spanning three generations. Tradition that has been handed down continuously for many years. The grandparents were the first to start the restaurant business in the family. In 1963, their 11-year-old daughter Ludimilla joined her parents in the kitchen, masterfully learning the art of traditional Venetian cooking.
A few years later, together with her husband, Ludimilla opened a restaurant of her own.

And this is where the children, Devis and Lisa, enter the scene. Devis at 14 and Lisa 7 years younger, already helped in the restaurant. At 16, Devis decided to drop out of school and started working full-time in the restaurant, while Lisa, who was still at school, helped out in her spare time.

In 1989 Devis and Lisa effectively took over the management of the Trattoria Al Torcio, still assisted today by their mother Ludimilla, continuing with love and passion what they learned and expertly handed down by the family.

At the Trattoria Al Torcio you will find the true flavors of the Venetian tradition.

Trattoria Al Torcio is therefore the result of a long journey started many years ago by the grandparents of Devis and Lisa. From here started a culinary dream in which conviviality and hospitality have distinguished the three generations.

Today it is a place of suggestive tradition and warm sharing.
Trattoria Al Torcio is a restaurant made up of people, beautiful energies and solid skills that make it a place of serenity and professionalism.

Enhance and promote the typical Venetian cuisine is their mission. Deepening the experience of the territory and its values through the kitchen is their intent.

Giving voice to the origins, the quality of the products, the knowledge of local producers through "doing the kitchen" is their strongest desire.

So don't expect a revisited cuisine, but the real traditional cuisine, the genuine one of the past.
Both Devis and Lisa do not like to boast, and it is precisely this humility of theirs, however made up of a great knowledge of traditions, what you will find in their dishes.

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You can taste specialties selected from the best Venetian culinary tradition.

The trattoria offers a cuisine based on genuine foods such as fresh homemade pasta ("bigoli" or "bigoi", the typical Venetian pasta, fettuccine, gnocchi with various sauces), grilled meats and cod "alla vicentina". Try the herbs cooked with sauté as they did in the past, the hand-cut fries and the side dishes according to the season. In addition of course to the inevitable polenta.

A selection of wines chosen from the companies of our land, but not only, accompanies these tasty dishes.